With billions of people on social media platforms and using search engine each day, ad campaigns are a necessary tool for your marketing strategy.


Social Media Marketing 

We curate an efficient ad campaign for your social platforms to target the specific audience you are shooting for with research, analytics, and more. 

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Social media ad campaigns reach large audiences in a low-cost, impactful, and effective way. This is exactly why social media campaigns have become a crucial marketing technique for businesses everywhere. With billions of people on social platforms — and continued growth in monthly users and influence — it’s hard to imagine how businesses could remain relevant without creating a social media presence.

Effective social media campaigns will allow you to reach your target audience, engage with current and potential customers, create brand loyalty, increase website traffic, and drive sales. Marketing on social is not just a trend, it’s a powerful industry technique that is here to stay and will help you reach more people all over the world.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) refers to paid advertising with search engines, most commonly through Google AdWords – Google’s platform for paid advertising. The advertiser is then charged for each unique click occurring on the ads.

The purpose of PPC is to offer users, at a cost, an option to advertise their products, services or content through various types of advertising. This is most commonly through:

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  • Search ads – this type of ‘text’ advert appears above or below the organic (natural) search results in Google

  • Display ads – advertising on other websites or apps (placements) using various media, such as images or videos

  • Shopping ads – this type of ad can promote your products in Google’s Shopping section and searches showing an image, title, price, store name and more