What Determines the Price of a Website?

Web design is an investment into your company that you need to make. Quality web development is worth it when you get a website that encourages customers to engage with your brand. But what goes into web design pricing?

Mainello Montage, one of the leading Austin web design agencies, wants to share with you about what goes into this pricing and why hiring a web designer is the best choice for you.

Why pricing is the way that it is..

When you use a website builder site, you can get free website building services if you handle it yourself but you won’t get the custom look that will make your website stand out. When you hire a web developer, you are paying for several services for your website, including:

  • Setup
  • Lesign and development
  • Content creation
  • Training you how to use the site
  • Website maintenance

A bulk of this cost is going to come from the designing and building process, as this can take a lot of time to do. You should also know that there are different factors that can affect how expensive it is to build the website, such as the type of website, the technology behind the website, and maintenance needed for the site then add in copy, extensive design, any extra functions and the cost starts going up. If you have a simple blog, this will be cheaper than a more complicated e-commerce site.

To get the most accurate pricing, you should get a quote from a developer as there are so many different factors that will determine what the pricing is for your site.

Do It Yourself Web Builders (such as Squarespace)

It can be tempting for businesses to save money by using DIY website builders, like Squarespace. Using a drag and drop interface, people can easily create a website for their blog or their business. They use website builder software to create your software, where you just create a site using their templates.

Unlike other similar options, Squarespace isn’t free. They charge a monthly fee for these services. The problem is that this can be time consuming, especially if you don’t know how to create an optimized website. If something happens, you may not have the technical knowledge to remedy the issue.

Hiring a Web Designer and Developer

Hiring a web designer or web development service is the best investment that you can make for your business.

These are seasoned professionals that know how to create the perfect website for your needs, so that they can be more efficient in creating your site. They set it up, optimize it for search engines, and ensure that it is user friendly for your customers. Best of all, if something happens, they will maintain the site for you. Your business can’t afford any downtime, and you can avoid issues by having your website constantly maintained.

A custom website that is as unique as your business is something that will make your website stand out. The goal of your site is to engage visitors, inspiring them to trust in your brand. A website development agency is quite the investment, but this is one that will pay off for your company.

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