Montage Extras

What is a, "Montage Extras?"

A montage extras item is any special function or feature that your project requires that others may not. Not every project needs a montage extras, but most projects have one or two things about them that are not part of every project. If it takes a few extra hours to implement and isn't typical of every website, we call that a montage extras item.

Why are they free?

We came up with the idea to include some flexible, added-effort items (aka bells and whistles) with our standard and extended site packages as a way to make sure that we could offer a one-size-fits-all pricing model and also accommodate the wide variety of requirements each project may include.

Having free bells and whistles allows us to offer packages that include everything our clients may need, so we don't have to mess with estimating and can jump directly to building great websites.

Can X be a montage extras!

Sure! If we can get it done in 3 hours, it can be a montage extras. The sky is the limit. Want 3 hours of brand consultation? You got it! Want 3 extra hours of training? No problem! It'll take 6 hours, you say? Call it two bells and whistles and we're good to go!

Want to purchase an à la carte montage extras?

Not a problem. Your typical montage extras item costs $300. We also do tasks on an hourly basis at $115/hour.


Events Calendars

Event calendars can range from a simple way to post upcoming events to more elaborate registration and even payment systems.

Payment Forms

If you don't need a shopping cart but you do want to take payments on your site, changes are, that's a payment form.

Member-Only functions

Got content you only want to share with a select audience, like your members? We can do that as a montage extras.

Elaborate Forms

We always include a contact form, but if you need something a little more elaborate, like with signatures, multiple pages, and lots of conditional expressions or equations, that's a montage extras.

Extra Pages

We'll treat 5 extra pages of content as a montage extras. Got a simple site with 20 content pages? We can do that as a 10-page standard site with 10 extra pages as two bells and whistles items.

MLS Search (IDX Feed) integration

There are all kinds of IDX feed tools out there. Depending on the one you want, we can implement those for you as a montage extras item (or two, depending on complexity).

Minor Copywriting or Proofreading

Need us to write you a page or two, or want an extra pair of eyes on your writing? Can do.

Graphic Design

Got a logo but need it tweaked some? Need us to design your Twitter page or Business Facebook page, or lay out a simple flier? We can devote 3 hours to each of those tasks per montage extras.


Anything extra you can think of - if we can do it in 3 hours or so, it can be a montage extras item.