Mainello Montage provides cost-effective marketing and media services for the small business owner.



Website Design

We create stunning, aesthetic websites for all different users without the expensive price-tag of other website developers. We partner with Squarespace and Wordpress to bring you the best site in your industry.


Logo Design & Branding

We specialize in creating and sculpting your brand image with a modern logo, specific to your liking and brand vision. We help your ideas come to life, without breaking the bank with designing the right logo.

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Social Media Management

Our social media management and marketing services include content creation, management of social platforms, and running ad campaigns. Perfect for anyone looking to take their social presence to the next level.

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Marketing Materials

We create meaningful marketing materials, both digitally for the users websites and social platforms, along with physical materials for printed use. Those items include infographics, flyers, brochures, postcards, and more.

Contracted marketing and media services to save the small business owner time, increase their sales and revenue, and gain exposure in their community.


Whether it be a brand new venture or an already established business, we help you get serious growth in your business with an aesthetic, modern website to SEO services, and from graphic design to social media marketing and management, plus more. Real estate agents, fitness trainers, spas, chiropractors, doctors offices, contractors, architects, you name it; all examples of small businesses that could benefit greatly from our services all for a cheaper price than any of our competitors. 


Your website is the face of your business.


Make the face of your business look stunning with a sleek, contemporary website. We partner with Squarespace and Wordpress to build websites for whatever you need. Whether it’s a doctor’s office, real-estate business, charity fundraiser, or a labor service, we have a perfect website design ready for you without the expensive price-tag of most web developers.

Our websites are search engine optimized to help put you at the top of the search engine ranks and we also offer SEO solutions that can be included in your web design package to help get you there if you are in a competitive business industry.

Our websites cost a super affordable flat fee starting at only $499! Compare that to other web developers who charge thousands for a basic site.

Below are some samples of websites we do. 


We take your social to the next level.


With several years education and experience in the field, we know how to dominate the social space and drive traffic to your business. We do this by creating quality, meaningful content that the user loves to see, not just meaningless sales pitches and boring content.


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Up your marketing efforts with aesthetic design.


Our marketing materials include both digital and prep for print. Those items include infographics to tell your story, flyers and brochures, postcards, marketing kits, and just about anything you would need when it comes to marketing materials. We use those items on your social platforms, email and ad campaigns, website, mail service and more.



Below are a few samples of marketing materials we do.

Put your business in front of more people.


An additional service we offer is help with email campaigns, along with running ad campaigns on social platforms and through google with Google AdWords. We help you put together a customer database and build up a subscription basis to distribute blogs, sales and other marketing materials.



Our services are made for small businesses to be able to afford and grow their business dramatically, while reducing stress off the owner. Contact today for more information and to find a custom pricing model based on your needs and goals.